Ciudad de Buenos Aires

The Autonomous City of Buenos Aires is undoubtfully one of the most cosmopolitan cities in these days. Its financial center, its architecture, its fancy neighborhoods and its contemporaneous atmosphere in constant movement, are some of the characteristics that contribute to outline the essence of being “porteño” (from the city of Buenos Aires).

This huge capital is recognized by its wide cultural and recreational offers, day and night the 365 days of the year: the Colon Theatre and small experimental theatres (most of them located on the Corrientes Avenue), old bookstores and new cultural centers, more than 100 museums and art galleries; big handicraft fairs and modern shopping centers; historical coffee houses; bars featuring tango and milonga shows; discos and pubs with international music; restaurants of different kinds, styles and cuisines; casinos and the most passionate football (soccer) games. Visitors may tour around the city visiting the most traditional neighborhoods like San Telmo, La Boca, Congreso or Abasto, the most sophisticated ones like Recoleta or Belgrano, or the most modern ones: Puerto Madero or Palermo, birthplace of the vanguard design. Tourists are invited to take thematic walks, following the steps of emblematic characters of either tango or Argentine culture, like Gardel, Evita or Borges. For those who enjoy sailing, the Río de la Plata offers many options; while the city streets challenge free-spirits to wander around, moved by the curiosity to discover the endless attractions of this beautiful city. Web site: