Its capital city, bearing the same name, has an intense cultural, commercial and university life which turns it into an eligible option for congress and business meetings throughout the year. Its hills form chains of different altitudes and beautiful valleys suitable for experimenting contact with nature and adventure activities which feature – among others – Paragliding Flights.

Rain waters become rivers, crystalline streams, cascades and exuberant falls that form reservoirs and dams, which encourage navigation and practice of aquatic sports. Its territory is also recognized for hosting the famous rally competitions and for its first class golf courses. A part of its productive valleys are devoted to the cultivation of aromatic herbs and to the elaboration of regional food products like the Alfajor Cordobes (Chocolate coated cookies filled with Milk Jam) or its exquisite cold meats and pork derived products (mainly salami). Cave paintings, mortars, caves and archaeological findings are unequalled outdoor museums, many of which comprised the Guarani Jesuit Missions, declared by the UNESCO as Patrimony of Mankind.


Agencia Córdoba Turismo: http://www.cordobaturismo.gov.ar/