Jujuy is located at Argentina’s northwest extreme; 1.643 Kms far from Buenos Aires. It may be reached either by land – by National Roads 34 and 66 – or by air taking a flight to its capital, San Salvador de Jujuy.

Land of multiple colors, it is comprised by four regions of unique attractions, amazing landscapes and a huge variety of activities that may be performed throughout the year. The Puna stages desolated but spectacular natural sceneries that include its famous and huge salt pans; the Quebrada de Humahuaca (Patrimony of Mankind) land of Tilcara, Purmamarca and Humahuaca towns, where the past is kept almost intact and the pre-Columbian art is present at its entire extension; the Valleys, with exuberant vegetation and crystalline rivers; and finally the Yungas, a highland jungle that offers many adventure activities. At the time of considering Jujuy as a travel option, there are many other attractions to have in mind: its popular festivities like Carnivals, Pachamama, Inti Raymi and Casabindo, its exquisite typically Andean regional dishes and its fabrics knitted with the finest llama wools.
Web Site: www.turismo.jujuy.gov.ar

Secretaría de Turismo y Cultura: http://www.turismo.jujuy.gov.ar/