San Juan

The province of San Juan is 1.119 kms far from Buenos Aires. The Andean rivers make possible life in this oasis which emerges in middle of a desert that the man was able to domesticate. By means of dams, channels and aqueducts, winemaking production developed, an unmistakable symbol of the cuyan economy.

San Juan Wineries, equipped with latest technologies, gave birth to exquisite varietals that were awarded worldwide. Besides, being this province neatly dominated by natural attractions, it is the ideal scenario for the practice of adventure tourism and non-conventional sports. One of the most impressive circuits is the one that gets more than 4.000 meters above the sea level to admire the Penitentes Sanjuaninos (ice forms that arise by the action of sun and wind over huge snow accumulations in extremely arid lands). This phenomenon is very uncommon in the world and it only occurs in San Juan and some places in Asia. For those loving windsurf, the Cuesta del Viento dam is considered one of the best places for this sport practice, because of its geographic and weather conditions. Rural Tourism is another usual practice, mainly the adventure of Horse Riding by the Andes Mountain Range: a trip of incredible beauty and contact with the earth. San Juan was blessed with another nature landmark, acknowledged as Patrimony of Mankind, the Ischigualasto Provincial Park (also called Valle de la Luna, “Moon Valley”), one of the most important paleontological fields in the world.
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San Juan – La estrella de los Andes: