Santiago del Estero

Famous for its thermal waters, the province of Santiago del Estero is 1.150 Kms far from Buenos Aires and it may be reached by National Road Nº 34 or by air. One of its principal attractions is Termas de Río Hondo, a traditional destination for health tourism.

This province has extended plains only interrupted in the south and in the east by very low hills, forests combined with savannas and a historical land where the mystery of its legends coexists with hundreds of churches, sanctuaries and convents spread along its land of devoted Christian inhabitants. It is also birthplace of traditions, myths and legends transmitted from generation to generation and captured by folk songs and poetry. Another attraction is the Copo National Park, one of the few places in the country with species in threatened extinction like the yaguareté or tiger of the Pampas, the big ant bear, the tatú carreta (the biggest armadillo in the world) and the Quimilean Pig. Finally, Santiago del Estero is also famous for its handicrafts made of different materials (its high quality drums can be mentioned among the most remarkable objects), for its exquisite gastronomic dishes – mainly the empanada -, and its authentic live folk dance and music. Its capital city – having the same name – is also called “Mother of Cities” , because is the oldest city founded by the Spaniards (1553) and it was in the past a very important historic region for Argentina. History is told by various testimonies exhibited at museums and old colonial houses, which can be visited in different zones of the province.

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