The province of Tucumán is 1.310 Kms far from Buenos Aires. It may be reached by domestic flights or by land, National Road N° 9 being its main connector. Also known as the “Garden of the Republic” due to its exuberant natural beauty, Tucumán is the entrance door to the Argentine North and the country’s smallest province.

Owner of a natural charm, it offers plains and mountains, dry and humid weathers, dense jungles and arid soils, modern cities and quiet villages, native ruins, high lands, basins, rivers and valleys. Merging with the activities of the rural areas is an encounter with its plentiful nature. Its estancias (cattle farms) also offer services that allow visitors to discover and share the way of life of the villagers and taste their exquisite gastronomy. Archaeological Tourism is very well developed provided the Calchaquíes Valleys were the preferred scenery for the primitive races and populations that inhabited these lands (Ruins of Quilmes are among the most important relics of those times). Tucumán is not only known by its splendid landscapes, like Tafí del Valle or Amaicha del Valle, but also for its historical background. In order to find its roots, it is necessary to go back to the legacy of remote native people, to the liberating action of the Creoles, to the first sugar cane producers and the intellectuals that turned this province into the center of the cultural movement of the Argentine North. Web site: www.tucumanturismo.gov.ar

Ente de Turismo de la Provincia de Tucuman: http://www.tucumanturismo.gov.ar/