The province of Catamarca is 1.153 Kms far from Buenos Aires and it may be reached by land or by air. Its capital is San Fernando del Valle de Catamarca, a possible starting point for visiting its amazing geography.

Land of beautiful landscapes, it is a permanent invitation to enjoy its fascinating nature and prolific history. Its Puna is spread along hundreds of kilometers hosting arid territories, salt pans, flamingo lagoons, extinguished volcanoes, fertile valleys and archaeological fields. Adventure tourism is a remarkable activity, offering many choices as trekking and climbing of Andean snow covered peaks (some of them with altitudes higher than 6.000 mts). Cultural tourism is a big attraction too: the important archaeological findings in the region left thousands of pieces testimony of the pre-Columbian past and the strong influence of the Incas. The wine routes, its thermal spas, mines tourism and the path of the craftsmen (with their “ponchos” and rhodochrosite pieces), the Adobe Mud routes and its exquisite cuisine complement the many proposals of this beautiful province.

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