A province with unmistakable flavours, deep valleys, and narrow streets oozing history and tradition, Tucumán and its gardens escort the passage of the world’s top vehicles [...]

La Rioja

To start our tour of La Rioja Province, we have chosen the Talampaya National Park, which in Kakan Indian language means “dry river of the tala tree”. It is perhaps one of the [...]


#ArgentinaDakar keeps taking us around the country. This time to discover Catamarca’s beautiful landscapes and centuries-old Andean culture. The Andes is the main setting where [...]


#ArgentinaDakar is approaching Argentina’s northwestern region. Here Salta stands apart for its beautiful landscapes and high-altitude wines in the Calchaquí Valleys. The [...]

Santiago del Estero

The 2016 Argentina Dakar Rally stage linking Córdoba with Santiago del Estero offers cool coastlines to relax and fish, in addition to a striking, lush landscape to discover [...]


The first stage of the competition takes us up to Córdoba, in the centre of Argentina, to discover this destination displaying outstanding natural beauty and unique cultural and [...]

Buenos Aires

With Buenos Aires Province as the setting for the start of the new 2016 edition of the Dakar Rally, the world’s most spectacular motor sports competition is the perfect excuse [...]

Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires is already anticipating the vibrant 2016 edition of the Dakar Rally. Summertime in town offers a good opportunity to enjoy the start of the world’s top race vehicle [...]