The province of Catamarca is 1.153 Kms far from Buenos Aires and it may be reached by land or by air. Its capital is San Fernando del Valle de Catamarca, a possible starting [...]

San Juan

The province of San Juan is 1.119 kms far from Buenos Aires. The Andean rivers make possible life in this oasis which emerges in middle of a desert that the man was able to [...]

La Rioja

1.167 Kms far from Buenos Aires, the province of La Rioja gives color to the Cuyan Region. Its past, rich in native culture, came out in a worthy load of archaeological [...]


Jujuy is located at Argentina’s northwest extreme; 1.643 Kms far from Buenos Aires. It may be reached either by land - by National Roads 34 and 66 - or by air taking a flight [...]


Salta, which in quechua language means “The Very Beautiful” offers the tourist innumerable options for visiting its landscapes, the vivid colors of its arid soils, extended [...]


The province of Tucumán is 1.310 Kms far from Buenos Aires. It may be reached by domestic flights or by land, National Road N° 9 being its main connector. Also known as the [...]

Santiago del Estero

Famous for its thermal waters, the province of Santiago del Estero is 1.150 Kms far from Buenos Aires and it may be reached by National Road Nº 34 or by air. One of its [...]


Its capital city, bearing the same name, has an intense cultural, commercial and university life which turns it into an eligible option for congress and business meetings [...]

Santa Fe

In the center of the country, and only 475 kms far from Buenos Aires, the province of Santa Fe features a scenery rich in natural resources and an interesting touristic and [...]

Buenos Aires

The province of Buenos Aires surrounds the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires. It limits with the provinces of Entre Ríos, Santa Fe, Córdoba, La Pampa and Río Negro, while its [...]

Buenos Aires

The Autonomous City of Buenos Aires is undoubtfully one of the most cosmopolitan cities in these days. Its financial center, its architecture, its fancy neighborhoods and its [...]
The Big Entrance and the Gaucho’s Domains [...]